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Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength

China Xi'an Yuechen Metal Products Co., Ltd certification
The sales is very professional and patient to answer my questions, the whole purchase process is very pleasant, looking forward to another cooperation

—— Mr. Mike Zaudke

Fast delivery, I have used magnesium rare earth alloy for some time, the product quality is much batter than I used to buy, it is worth buying.

—— Mr. Anton Kurniawan

Good morning Vera, Its me...again! I have received the plates and they look absolutely wonderful, and the workmanship is just incredible. Thanks you so much for your great support. We are planing to place another new PO.

—— Yamamoto

Good day Frank, I would like to extend a word of thanks to you, for your professional and efficient service delivered to me for the above mentioned billet and extrusions. I am really impressed, and you can be sure that I will be making use of your mag products again in near future. Dave

—— Dave

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Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength

Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength
Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength

Large Image :  Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: SGS BV
Model Number: AZ31B-H24
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: plywood case
Supply Ability: 50Tonne per month
Detailed Product Description
Light Weight: Absorbs Vibration For Longer Life, While Retaining Dimensional Stability. Stablity: No Stress Relief After Machining; No Warps And Is Dent Resistant.
COSTS: Machine Dry, Without Oil Or Chemicals. TOOLING: 4 To 5 Times Greater Tool Life.
FINISH: Up To 5 Times More Machinable Than Rolled Aluminum. NONMAGNETIC: Good For Electrical And Computer Applications.
WEIGHT: Easier Handling Saves Energy And Time. FLATNESS: Eliminates Surface Machining.
WELDING: Strong Weldments Up To 95% Of Parent Metal, With Minimal Porosity. ALKALI-RESISTANT: Makes For Easy Cleaning.
STRENGTH: Excellent Strength And Stiffness Per Unit Weight. NON-GALLING: Sound And Rugged Surface, Offering A Low Coefficient Of Friction And Minimum Wear,
High Light:

magnesium sheet metal


magnesium sheet stock

Magnesium alloys are the lightest metal structure material for engineering applications. In the past years, engineers have taken a great interest in magnesium alloys in the automotive, aerospace, weapons, electronic and other fields, because of their low density, high specific strength and stiffness, good damping characteristics, as well as an excellent durability. Especially in the field of automobile industry, magnesium alloys have replaced the steel, cast iron and even aluminum alloys (Magnesium is the lightest of all structural metals, aluminum being 1.5 times heavier and steel being up to four times heavier), because they can reduce the weight of vehicles, so that significantly contributes to fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.


AZ31 Magnesium alloy is the most ductile and the most popular amongst AZ shaped alloys (Mg-Al-Zn group). Soft as it is, this alloy offers good combination of strength and ductility for structural application after deformation with severe reductions.

Diverse uses including aircraft fuselage, concrete tools, cell phone, camera, notebook computer cases and textile machinery.

The AZ31 alloy shaped magnesium tooling plate has the many benefits and special characteristics which gives the AZ31 many advantages like:

Absorbs vibration for much more lifetime, while keeping dimensional stability, 4 to 5 times greater tool life.

Up to 5 times more machinable than rolled aluminum, machine dry, without oil or chemicals, easier handling saves time and energy, eliminates surface machining, with no stress relief after machining process.

No warps and is dent resistant, strong weldments – up to 95% of parent metal, with minimum porosity, made for easy cleaning, with wide variety of chemical treatments exists for corrosion protection, alteration of surface appearance, and to provide a base for painting.

Due to its good specifications, AZ31 magnesium alloy can be used in all kinds of fields.

Magnesium alloy thick plate are used to make satellites ,lunar landing aircraft bases, exterior panel of missile and rocket and the empennage of missile and plane.

Magnesium alloy middle board are used to make the auxiliary tank, side board and other structure of battle plane.

Cast sheet of magnesium alloy:

The magnesium alloys are used on the train for vibration attenuation, seat and couchette framework lining board and goods shelf.

The wide width usually requests between 1200-2000mm, and thickness between 1 and 1.5mm on cars’ front and rear panels, door panels. The shell of 3C product, computer, mobile hard disk, CD, camera, acoustics, cell phone.

Magnesium etching has replaced copper plate in printing and printing plate industry, and average thickness of the plate is 5mm.

Magnesium has been continuously used in electric tool and sport equipment.

Magnesium sheet and plate AZ31 alloy has applications in medium strength service at temperatures below 150C.

Mechanical Properties

Elongation at break ( % ) – 15

Hardness – Brinell – 73

Modulus of elasticity ( GPa ) – 45

Tensile strength ( MPa ) – 290

Physical Properties

Density ( g cm-3 ) – 1.8

Melting point ( C ) – 605-630


AZ31B-H24 Magnesium CNC engraving plate Magnesium Tooling Plate


Xi'an Yuechen Metal Products. Co., Ltd. (XYMCO) produces the magnesium tooling plate with the surface machining and polishing, the available dimension range:


Thickness: 6mm – 300mm

Width: Max. 2000mm

Length: 4000mm

Tolerances: -0/+3mm for thickness, width and length


Magnesium Tooling Plate Flatness Tolerances

Max. deviation from flat as measured by a straight edge placed on plate surface.

Specified Plate Gauge Max. allowed deviation from flat
Over (mm) Thru (mm) In any 300mm In any 1500mm In any 2000mm
6.3 25 0.125mm 0.31mm 0.42mm
25 150 0.250mm
Specified Plate Gauge Typical tooling plate deviation from flat
Over (mm) Thru (mm) In any 300mm In any 1500mm In any 2000mm
6.3 25 0.077mm 0.15mm 0.19mm
25 150 0.125mm 0.21mm 0.28mm

Other sizes are available subject to enquiry, up to a maximum per plate weight of 2000kg.

Maximum gauge: 300mm; Maximum width 2000mm; Maximum length: 5000mm



Specified Gauge Tolerance Specified Width Tolerance Specified Width Tolerance
Over Thru Over Thru Over Thru
6.3 19mm +/-0.25mm 0 250mm +4.75mm 0 250mm +4.75mm
19 32mm +/-0.43mm 250 1220mm +9.50mm 250 1220mm +9.50mm
32 50mm +/-0.64mm 1220 1825mm +12.7mm 1220 1825mm +12.7mm
50 75mm +/-1.25mm 1825 1950mm +15.9mm 1825 6000mm +15.9mm
75 83mm +/-1.65mm - - - - - -
83 90m +/-2.00mm - - - - - -
90 100mm +/-2.80mm - - - - - -
100 125mm +/-3.20mm - - - - - -
125 150mm +/-3.40mm - - - - - -
150 175mm +/-3.705mm - - - - - -



6.35 x 1250 x 2500mm 20 x 1500 x 4000mm 50 x 1500 x 4000mm
6.35 x 1250 x 4000mm 25 x 1250 x 2500mm 60 x 1250 x 2500mm
10 x 1250 x 2500mm 25 x 1250 x 4000mm 60 x 1250 x 4000mm
10 x 1250 x 4000mm 25 x 1500 x 4000mm 60 x 1500 x 4000mm
12.7 x 1250 x 2500mm 30 x 1250 x 2500mm 75 x 1250 x 2500mm
12.7 x 1250 x 4000mm 30 x 1250 x 4000mm 75 x 1250 x 4000mm
12.7 x 1500 x 4000mm 30 x 1500 x 4000mm 75 x 1500 x 4000mm
15 x 1250 x 2500mm 40 x 1250 x 2500mm 100 x 1250 x 2000mm
15 x 1250 x 4000mm 40 x 1250 x 4000mm 125 x 1250 x 2000mm
15 x 1500 x 4000mm 40 x 1500 x 4000mm 150 x 1250 x 1500mm
20 x 1250 x 2500mm 50 x 1250 x 2500mm  
20 x 1250 x 4000mm 50 x 1250 x 4000mm  



Those applications requiring a flat surface or high dimensional stability benefit from the use of magnesium tooling plate. Typical uses included jigs, fixtures, optical benches, vibration test equipment and inspection gauges. Magnesium Tooling Plate is non-magnetic and has high electrical and thermal conductivity filling many material requirements in the electronics and computer industries.


MAGNESIUM TOOLING PLATE is specially produced to provide a flat plate surface with moderate strength and ductility. The production process results in plate with exceptional dimensional stability in machining and remains stable over time. There is sufficient ductility for limited room temperature forming combined with weldability to allow the manufacture of a multitude of complex parts. Wrought magnesium tooling plate (Alloy AZ31B) has the following benefits and characteristics:

DAMPING Absorbs vibration for longer life, while retaining dimensional stability.
TOOLING 4 to 5 times greater tool life.
FINISH Up to 5 times more machinable than rolled aluminum.
COSTS Machine dry, without oil or chemicals.
WEIGHT Easier handling saves energy and time.
FLATNESS Eliminates surface machining.
STABILITY No stress relief after machining; no warps and is dent resistant.
WELDING Strong weldments up to 95% of parent metal, with minimal porosity.
ALKALI-RESISTANT Makes for easy cleaning.
CORROSION RESISTANT A wide variety of chemical treatments exists for corrosion protection, alteration of surface appearance, and to provide a base for painting. Basic engineering precautions averts galvanic corrosion.
STRENGTH Excellent strength and stiffness per unit weight.
NON-GALLING Sound and rugged surface, offering a low coefficient of friction and minimum wear,



Ideal for a broad range of operating temperatures, from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
NONMAGNETIC Good for electrical and computer applications.



Greater amount of finished magnesium material obtained, pound for pound.
SALVAGE Scrap retains a consistently high level of value.


XI’AN YUECHEN METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (XYMCO) is one of the leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy products located in Xincheng Hi-Tech Industry Estate, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, who is specialized in the development, manufacture and supply of magnesium alloy products worldwide included magnesium tooling plate, magnesium alloy plate, magnesium alloy sheet, magnesium alloy slab, magnesium alloy bar, magnesium alloy billet, magnesium alloy rod, magnesium alloy tube, magnesium alloy pipe, magnesium alloy profile, magnesium welding wire, magnesium alloy extrusion, magnesium alloy stamping, magnesium alloy casting, magnesium alloy forging and semi - fabricated component according to customer’s design.


We comply with the specifications:

GB5153-03, GB5154-04, AMS4377G, ASTM B90/B90M-15, MIL-DTL 32333, MIL-T-38749, QQ-M-44B, ASTM B107/B107M-13 and ASTM B91-97

Material grades: AZ31B, AZ61A, AZ80A, AZ91D, AZ41M, ZK60, AM50, AM60, ZM21, MIA, ME20M, EQ21, WE43, WE54, ZE41, etc.


Our main products and capabilities are as follows:

1. Magnesium tooling plate: Max. Thickness: 300mm; Max. Width: 2000mm; Max. Length: 6000mm

2. Magnesium alloy cast slab: Max. Size: 400 x 1000 x 3000mm

3. Magnesium alloy sheet: Min. Thickness: 0.5mm; Max. Width: 600mm; Max. Length: 2000mm

4. Magnesium cast billet: Min. Diameter 90mm; Max. Diameter: 600mm; Max. Length: 6000mm

5. Magnesium alloy extruded wire: Dia.1.0mm – 8.0mm in spool.

6. Magnesium alloy extruded rod: Min. Dia. 8mm; Max. Diameter: 450mm; Max. Length: 3000mm

7. Magnesium extrusions:

Round tube: Max. OD600mmx thickness 125mm

Square tube: 430 x 430mm

Flat bar: 920 x 160mm

U-Shape: 800 x 300mm

Rectangular: 700 x 200mm

8. Magnesium-Lithium Alloy rod, sheet, plate and tube.


Our products already were exported to USA, Japan, Israel, India, Germany, Iran, Columbia, Italy and UK. Good quality, good price and good delivery.


Looking forward to your enquiry and hope a prosperous cooperation can be established between us.


Fine Flatness Az31b Magnesium Alloy For CNC Engraving mould die High Tensile Strength 0


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